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Eyes of Magic (Rise of the Unseelie, #3) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart Malcolm has awaken from his three day unconscious state he's been in since Donovan brought him to the Club. He is frantic and panicking only wanting to see the man who killed the vampires and brought him here, saving him; Donovan. Donovan pairs Malcolm with Kieran to be a friend who's had to deal with some of the same, but on a smaller scale. Malcolm is feeling more out of place, of all things, because he doesn't know what his special magic is, and appears to not have one...or does he? Being Sidhe he should be able to do something different than the normal Touch, which disgusts him.

We get more detail in this story. We see the magic through Malcolm's eyes, which helps it make more sense or easily categorizes the magic of each Sidhe for me. When Malcolm talks to Donovan about magic we learn what the basic powers that all Sidhe have and that each has something different, unique as well. We learn more of the characters; Kieran's past and using his sound magic. Bryce with his fire, Trip and her darkness, Dawn and her healing sparks, even rock dust floating around Donovan.

We get an inside glimpse of the Glamour Club as Malcolm walks through it, who's there and what they do. Even what the place looks like.

Poor Malcolm. He is sooo broken and no idea what his magic is yet. He even thinks he has nothing special. He almost seems to be slipping further into a depressed state, but has tethered himself to Donovan as his rock. Although, as the reader I started to wonder if he wasn't capable of something completely different than expected. It becomes evident that he has something special and doesn't know it.

Donovan is AWESOME with Malcolm. I just love his touch and help with the emotionally wounded kid. He is calm and strong for Malcolm. Malcolm needs a powerful rock to look to, and Donovan is it.

In the end we learn more about a few players in the bigger picture of the Sidhe trying to survive. I still am very curious about why Manannan (the king) did what he did knowing the prophecy. And Danu went along with him. There is more here, and we are seeing little clues starting to drop through each individual story line.