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Enchanted (Touched, #3) - S.A. Archer,  S. Ravynheart Six weeks since her last fix and London's desire for the Touch of the rare and hidden Sidhe is becoming a need to her life and sanity. London has found there are Sidhe in a glamoured club, which she has staked out, waiting for one to leave and kidnap for his Touch. Not sure what to do, when she's captures a Sidhe, to get his Touch and not have him vanish on her instead, she binds him with silver cuffs and calls her Vampire friend Selena to help. Taking him to Selena's warded manor home, but there are others there that are interested in the fey as well...werewolves. London's little mess up could start an all out war between the races.

This short story has it's action with it. Fighting and lots of running for their lives. Fighting of human, werewolves, vampires, and fey. Nice to keep the story moving forward, and learning about the different races present in this series.

Rash thinking is fuzzed by the overwhelming desire for nothing but the Touch. London comes to the realization that her desperation for the Touch has drawn her to have blinders and limited thought as to what she is told... she will believe anything even obvious lies and did things she can't change which is making life harder. London is starting to come to some truth, and has to learn to accept it. Finding the Touch might be harder now with the truth out, but maybe, just maybe, there might be one tiny chance of an ally in the end, if she plays her cards properly.

London is willing to fight for her fey here, but also what helps her is the nervousness of the Vampires. We learn they are always prepared and London being a close friend to Selena has let her in on the secrets in their home. There is always something around; weapons, secret rooms, and escape routes everywhere that can be used in the dire emergency.

Oh! Shame on the authors. Evil as they are! They left me with a cliffhanger ending! Shame, shame. lol. I am now in need of the next story to see what troubles are heading London's way. It should be out in just a few months.