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Blue-Blooded Vamp - Jaye Wells Days after the ending of Silver-Tongued Devil, Sabina, Adam, and Giguhl are in New Orleans heading to see Erron Zorn to talk him into helping them find Abel, his contact in Italy who knows all about stopping Cain. But a wrinkle occurs, Asclpius the god Sabina owes not one but two favors to makes a dramatic entrance. Asclpius is taking priority over killing Cain with his trump card, and wants Sabina to kill someone and return a magical item to him. The ace is, this vampire's in Italy as well. Sabina and her crew find their way to Rome looking for a man full of secrets...many of Cain and containing him, and many more. With few leads Sabina has to find a man hidden away for decades and a gorgeous vampire, two separate cases. The vampires in Los Angeles are rioting with out a strong leader, the previous leaders dead and one remaining turned tail and ran. She needs to be found and convinced to return. While the vampire system is falling apart can Sabina find someone to lead them in time? Can Sabina prove she is the Chosen One, even if she never believed it before, in order to take care of Cain? And actually make it through all the trials to do so?

EVERYONE makes an appearance in this novel. Whether we see them or talk about them in memory, they are here. It was bliss to be reminded of the people we lost along the way, and visit the memories again. To see where Sabina came from and where she's come to. Sabina has to do a few things that we would have never have thought her to think about a few six months ago where this started. Sabina and Adam have some issues to work through in this book, and find a way.

I was happy, mad, and cried with these characters. Then sad that it ended. But Jaye didn't pull any punches in the end. She laid it all out for us, rough to our hearts as it might be.

Jaye had to have known exactly where she was going from the first words of the first book, Red-Headed Stepchild. Everything we (and Sabina) experienced along the way leads to this finale. Whether to wear on us and worry us or to help us to the answers. The pieces fit together perfectly. This series all comes together as one and closes completely. BRAVO JAYE!!