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Avalon Revisited - O.M. Grey Arthur was to be King, before he was changed. Now he watches from the shadows loving different woman for a night or so as years pass by. Three hundred and fifty plus years and he meets the woman on a steam air ship gala that resembles his long lost love. Inserting himself in her investigation for a vampire on a murdering spree Arthur falls in love with the woman she is. And the mystery murders...might be something he should focus on as the victims seem to be affiliated with him, and are now turning into vampires though stronger and slightly different from a normal vampire. Along with solving this mystery and keeping his hearts love safe, Arthur has to try to keep his secret and get the love of his affects to fall for him as well.

The story is a Romance. There are many intimate moments with Arthur and... a few woman. He is stuck in a young fit, active and hormone induced male body after all.

Arthur starts as a man looking for blood and a quick romp with woman. By the end he has evolved, to seem a better man. Not that he was a bad man at the beginning as I really liked his choice in women. He never took the innocent virgin take that many think vampires are hungry for. No, Arthur was always looking for an older, mature woman that is more experienced.

There is a mystery here as well. But first we meet the key characters then get to the mystery. So we start off with the "active" Arthur with one thought in mind over the women he meets. Avalon seems to take to Arthur easier and easier through the book. He seems to be her type of personality when they get talking, finally.

This is set in a Victorian age with some touches of steampunk as well. There are some neat steam and gear contraptions found here. Some created to benefit a vampire as well. The story has a bit of fighting as well. With the vampires, there has to be some fighting. The story has a combo of all things present for readers that want more with their romance.

As for the Podcast:
I like the authors voice as she reads the different characters and accents she makes it sound like the character with accent and attitude they would use. The infliction used in voice makes all the difference in understanding the innuendos sometimes. These episodes are done with about a half hour or less sessions which ends up being a chapter or two at a time. The author doesn't give anything away in speaking the parts and speaks clearly to easily understand her.

I would say whether read or listen, this sounds like a very good Romance with all sorts of extras added in to enjoy.