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Endgame - Ann Aguirre Jax is running into all kinds of snags while trying to uphold her promise to Loras - to free the La'heng from the compliant servitude state induced by a drug inflected by humans. The "protectors" now don't want to loss their control, or slaves. Jax has been here six months here trying to get through legally with every Nicuan official possible, while Laras rallies rebels with their cure. The first mission after acquiring rebels; to red code the planet so Conglomerate won't let any ships come, or leave, stopping the Nicuan from sending support here. This should give Le'heng time to cure and fight back. First March and Sasha are expected for a two week visit then head out before the war starts. Jax had thought she was done with bloodshed after the wars she saw and fought. Now she's at the top of the list to fight for her friend and his peoples freedom, and not everyone she knows and loves will make it out alive.

I miss the characters who were lost or left and remembered through out the series, but love the characters present and returning, and even new joining us. Jax's past always seems to be in the forefront as a memory or how it can help with what she's learned by her mistakes. Always making Jax think.

We get a quick refresher of the La'heng people and their servitude. I remember back to Loras when Jax learned so much about him and his kind, but it was a while ago and so much has happened since then so very nice to get the quick reminders in the story.

We see Jax and March in the beginning and they seem so good and with Jax's relationship with Vel. All seems great. But I wait knowing the other shoe's going to drop. All the losses in Jax's life are still fresh in Jax's mind. She doesn't regret, but misses them and the choices she's made over time. All this has created the Jax we see now, a new and different Jax.

Ann's writing has hurled me to this point, as I had to keep going and still in the last book ann propels me to flip pages feeling a full range of emotions; happy, giddy, sad, worried, scared.

We get the extra little snippets, as in the other books, that give us the views of the outside and enemies. We see quick letters between key fellow revolutionists, interviews with La'hengian who have taken the cure and what they've seen or lived through, and news casters against or for the rebellion. All giving a feel of the war the world is fighting.

This story is like coming home to a comfy chair, to read Jax again.