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Curran, Vol. II: Fathers and Sons  -  Ilona Andrews, Gordon Andrews Curran wakes from his two week coma to Kate at his side and to hear another has come to challenge her. He has other plans and goes to the Alpha Pack Council meeting. Then Curran tells Mohan, his adoptive father, to stay. Curran knows this is it, they need to have this out about Kate now.

This is why Curran is THE Beast Lord. Right up front. This is not the banter and fun witted man we see with Kate. This is the Beast Lord taking control of the Pack and the way things will go, his way.

In this one we get more. We get Curran and Mahon. I always wondered where he disappeared too after being known he didn't much care for Kate as Curran's mate. This will settle that.

There is fun, but The Beast Lord makes his presence known, and there is fighting to please all.