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Bloodright - William Greenleaf Wow. Great Science Fiction read. Interesting meeting the 'Teddies.' I might even suggest this for YA readers even though it's an Adult book. Well done!

Returning from his run Nathan Oakes realizes it's not the rising sun brightening the sky over Manhattan, in the South and to early. Seeing a red pinpoint of light, which the whole city saw then started to move on in wonder. Kathy Stratton is woken in the wee hours of morning, called to Washington to investigate the red light from outer space. Her expertise in astronomy is needed. Then, when she goes to her window in San Francisco, she too can see the glowing effects of the red light. Nikki Jamison, a young girl intrigued by the light she sees in the sky decodes the message it relays when starts blinking. From her desert home, she does the one thing that feels child-like - uses a flash light to say they are welcome. To Nikki's surprise, the beings that visit her will change her world and bring her together with others she never thought possible.

Wow. Great Science Fiction read. Interesting meeting the 'Teddies.' Quick start on the first page. No time wasted meeting and getting to know the characters, we get to know them through the happenings as the light appears and the aliens appear. I appreciate the quick start, and getting to know the characters in this way. No wasted words.

The characters:
Nathan Oakes - a brilliant business man of Manhattan, who's called to Arizona by his sister in worry of what is happening in her front yard. And plays a big part in saving his niece...and the world.

Kathy - A doctor of astronomy. She's taken with the thought of beings from outer space and what they could introduce us to in the way of universe, technology, and so much more.

Nikki Jamison - a 15 year old smart girl with a science fiction love and knack.

Zeke and Simon - The aliens! Oh, Guardians? Hmm, you'll have to read to find out. ;) Human's had a nickname for them as they appear to look like... Teddies. lol.

Oscar - A man unhappy in his job and aimlessly wondering through life. He is attracted to the same thing Nikki is...the Deirrikon and what he felt looking into it's eyes. Needing to see and feel it again, to know if it was real.

We see many other characters, of course, that make this story interesting with different personalities and goals when aliens with promise come. But will anyone thing long enough on the bigger picture to see what's happening?

We follow along by day and time to see how fast things happen on earth, and with the different time zones until we end up in the same place. And the timeline is important to keep in mind as well. Every couple chapters there is a short interview with Lori Kelcher. A little girl who felt the Echtros come and what happened to her parents and home. She's also visited by Progo prior and tried to help. These are touching glimpses from her. And you learn how special she.

This doesn't read like high tech science fiction stories. This is a story with an alien present, and learning more are out in the universe. There is science talk, but not much beyond what one would have in school, which is in the early pages. The people in the story are not all scientists so have to explain, but is of the happenings with the people not the technology. Great for story readers. Anything mentioned in science or facilities, the location and function is given to keep us in the know. I would even suggest this for YA readers even though it's an Adult book. Well done!

This looks to be a stand alone book. However, there are a few strands left open that I'm curious if the author will take them to continue with this idea. The story is complete, but I think it would be interesting to read more.