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Hot Blooded - Amanda  Carlson Wow! Jessica will traipse through hell for any and all she loves. And most definitely Rourke. Heart pounding read.


Jessica's been having it rough. Supes are out to get her, attacking her at about ever turn. And it's taking all she has to not run off to find and save Rourke, but she knows she has to be prepared and get information first. There are rumors flying among the Supe world about her, or who she could be and what's to come - prophecies. One Imp attacker tells her they will find her. The demons do not want her to rule and they are hunting her. Everyone in the supernatural world 'knows' of Jessica, except Jessica. She's still trying to adjust to just the wolf part and so much more as it surfaces as Jessica gets her lead on the goddess who's holding Rourke and she fights her way through hell's demons to get to him.

Quick start right back into the world with Jessica. Jessica starts right off throwing punches as she has always done all her life. Fighting to survive. Love the heart racing start early on, and holds to it through out.

Jessica's mind is made up and she won't let anyone stop her. The drive is pushing her. She will go through any and all sorts of hell to find and get Rourke, her mate, back. Jessica is so different and learning of the supernatural world, along with herself, as she goes. Even the world of demons, which the werewolves have never dealt with. New beings and creatures are going to come at the top-of-the-food-chain wolves, and they are going to have to get ready for it. With Jessica at their side.

Jessica is more powerful than she ever even imagined. And others are taking all this in along with what they can learn from the prophecies. Demons are surfacing, and in the end have Jessica on their short list.

Jessica makes new allies. Ones she might be grateful to have, but also ones that might cause a stir in the werewolf world, and maybe even the supernatural world as a whole. I really liked the new friends we come across here, and how they open up the supe world to us sharing knowledge. Wonderful new bonds created.

We end the book with questions of a few, but the story of finding Rourke is completed here. There are new happenings to come, and the ending sets those up to come. Dang, can't wait for Cold Blooded!!

Constant heart-racing read, keeping the heart pounding with fevered worry and anticipation as Jessica fights for her love, friends, and her life.