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Maven - S.A. Huchton, Starla Huchton I couldn't stop reading this one! A thing I haven't done in a while. Finished in 2 days time.

Love Lydia and her spunk. Not only is she a genius but quick. Daniel!! Oooo, boy that man is something, and the exponential growth in his character. Wow! There are sparks between these two, and they fly. But when the left over files Daniel finds in the trash from Lydia's predecessor, they could find something dangerous to them for the knowledge and to the world...

Refreshing drop of water with this story of conspiracy and corruption. I love the aquatic setting in this one.

Lydia has reached her goal, set six years ago with several reasons, a position at Deep Water Research Command Endure. But, things she had dreamed of here may not be as she thought. Lydia is left abandoned upon her arrival as her sponsor forgets to meet and escort her to her lab. Then gets a sight of her predecessor's rather organization and mess, which will take Lydia weeks to sort through.

Trying to make up for his lack of first impression, and looking the computer genius lackey with a reputation of being a ladies man of the Endure, Daniel realizes the beautiful Lydia is all work. What Daniel doesn't know, Lydia has known of him for years and had hoped to find a kindred soul in him, being brilliant and young like her. To show he can be focused and taking a new direction to win her eye, he sends her unknown sample files he found from her predecessors computer trash bin. When Lydia finally looks at them, in Daniel's presence, she's curious about the specific bacteria and why sampled and tested on this facility. Something is off, Lydia's never heard of projects centering around these, putting her and Daniel on the alert. What Lydia learns is deadly, to her and to the world.

Lydia might find the man she was hoping for. Daniel might learn to find what he was missing in life. Lydia and Daniel will learn, with knowledge could come danger. These two hold more knowledge than the whole of the Endure, and can or have connected the dots... Will they find a level ground to work on to find a cure in time?

First, this book was what I was needing in a time I was struggling through many great reads. I sat down with it Saturday evening, stayed up late, then woke up Sunday morning to pick it up and not set it down until I was done. I just fell in love with Lydia and Daniel. And the creation of Deep Water Research Command Endure. I couldn't stop reading this one! Adorable romance.

We are in year 2050, in an under water research station. I felt I was experiencing Lydia's first experiences on the Endure with her. Excited, and let down when the welcoming sponsor wasn't there. But excited. I love ocean research, I wanted to get into it when I was younger, so I'm thrilled to arrive with Lydia.

We get two point of views, Lydia's and Daniel's.

Meeting Lydia right off, I liked her. Smart and sharp minded. She made me smile at her words to Daniel as he saw her for a beautiful lady to hit on. My kind of girl. Love Lydia and her spunk. Not only is she a genius but quick. Lydia knows Daniel's reputation, and will not jeopardize her dream job for him. I love how she puts him in place, subtle but done and he knows it. It drives him NUTS!! lol.

Daniel!! Ooooo, boy that man is something, and the exponential growth of his character throughout the book. WOW! He is full of potential. But when Daniel finds the left over files in the trash from Lydia's predecessor...things will take off, in all directions.

I was drawn to learn more of what Lydia and Daniel found and how they would get more information, worried they would get caught by the people creating this danger. And there is their relationship. Would it take off? Would Daniel come to his full potential? Will Lydia see Daniel for who he is? Oh! There are sparks between these two, and they fly. Oh, the computer hacking. The suspense as to if all would work. The mystery of finding more details and suspense surrounding a few characters had me flipping to know more. The corruption gets deeper and deeper as we go. So good. I had to see how it ended.

The romance was sweet and took it's time to build. But when it built, aah... These two are young, twenty-two and twenty-one, but still young at heart. They both grew up struggling with being far more advanced than others.

This story is a science fiction romance. Yes, there is some science to it, but the romance is forefront. The technical and science part, done so I understand but in no way deters from the genius of the characters. The science is easy to understand and works in balance with the romance to create the story.

Refreshing drop of water with this story. I love the aquatic take and the sparking romance. Wonderful romance with a solid story and suspenseful mystery. I love when the two come together so perfectly!