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Along Came a Spider - Kate SeRine Oh goodness! I can't tell you how much love I have for this book, series. Mystery, action, and romance all in one place. Everything I want and MORE!!

Even the Grim Reaper, Nate, is distressed by what he find with the newly found dead body Trish has come to read. A man with his throat ripped out, but no blood sprays. The clues lead to a vampire kill. The only attacks that ever come to this close to brutal...were Dracula's. Vlad Dracula went to ground two years ago after involvement in Sebille's Killing spree, where Nate and Tess were involved. Now, they are afraid he might be back and looking to make Tess his once and for all. Tess, even in her condition, is ready to go after Dracula and settle her score with him. Then, there's a "hero" (or vigilante) who's been swooping in and taking care of bad guys, and strange vampires, they are calling The Spider. The human governed group, The Agency, is involved and keeps appearing everywhere Trish looks for clues to the vampires on a killing spree, creating more complications the Trish could ever imagine.

We meet Trish in the Prelude, her memory of being transplanted from Make Believe to Here and Now. When she first met the rueful Nicky Blue, and even felt the draw to him then. Again, Kate uses Preludes with ease. I love them in this series. They are a memory of coming to Here and Now, reminding us of where the Tales came from. You get a great feel of their tale and history.

Saved from an attack and being pushed out of her apartment due to a haunting, Trish finds Nicky who's come asking for help. No where else to go, Nicky takes her with him to keep safe, at his home. Trish is excited to be with the one she's had a heart for, yet trying to contain herself and not get over hopeful. The history we learn of Trish's and Nicky's. Wow. They are a set. And what Trish saw when she looked into Juliette's dead eyes before Grimm took her soul to rest, yea we learn that. Wow. Honestly, I was wondering how Kate was going to bring our newest couple together, knowing he's still hurting in some ways after his wife's death. And Kate set the foundation right away, and grew that strong brick building to create a lovely home for a new couple.

Aaah, The Agency. This is a neat little agency. They are like the Men in Black crossed with CIA. Top secret, yet they have their noses in too many things Tale. And even are strong arming Trish's place of business, the FMA - Fairytale Management Authority. But Trish also has a sorted history with one of the Agents as well.

We see old friends and couples again. Tess has been trying to pair her friends up, wanting them to be happy like her. Tess is also having troubles, and they fear it's due to the condition of her mans past. But this is a small drop in the bucket of troubles Trish is seeing and dealing with. We see Lavender and Seth as they come to visit everyone, and get to help. Oh Lavender and her dysfunctional family dinner. LOL! Seth is still hot as ever. And they are happy as ever. Gideon! He is so sweet! I love him with his brief appearances here. Then we have new characters. Rumpelstiltskin, Oh my goodness! LOL! Loved him and Truman. Make me smile.

The mystery murder story takes off and builds, dropping hints with each turn. There is a twist to the story, and I loved the way Kate turned this. I was not expecting the end with this mystery and string of dead bodies. Action packed with Nicky and Trish. Nicky has a gangster feel to his methods and tricks, but he's a strong individual as well. Nicky and his easy ways, finds him flirting with Trish and Trish trying to not fall to hard as he's leaving after he takes care of his target. I could see how over the last few years Tess has worn off on Trish. I didn't know if she'd be as kick butt as Tess, but she sure was, and on the sensitive side more than Tess too. Trish is her own person and growing as a character now that we read from her eyes. There is an independence found in Trish like Tess, a strong-ness to do what she needs to do to solve and stop the murders.

This is an amazing tale of Romance and Mystery. Once again, Kate has blended the two with amazing talent, in a new and rich world full of possibilities.