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Cold Blooded - Amanda  Carlson OH MY GODNESS!!! Do I love this series! Dang. Everything in one nice package for everyone. Urban Fantasy Action, Magic, Magical/Mythical Creatures galore, Story!, Characters, Love - of mated, family, and friends. AMAZING BLEND!!!


An explosion hits the parking lot - a spell from the Sorcerers sent for Jessica. On the run yet bond to find her missing best friend, Jessica heads to the heart of the witches coven, with the most powerful witch in the country - Tallulah (Tally) Talbot. What Jessica learns there sends her on her run to help her father. Tally has an oracle that sees Jessica and her family and friends - good news and bad news. Away Jessica goes, hoping for the safety of her best friend Marcy and James and to help her father, while the Sorcerers and Demons follow on her tale working together to find her. Every Sect is after her. Jessica runs head first into the Vampires, who want her for their own reasons, looking to barter for protection.

An explosive set of happenings, from action to love, all in one place here! Each page is full of new information and action. Jessica is one of a kind, in more ways than one, and draws people of all Sects to her - in one way or another.

We start EXACTLY where Hot Blooded ended! With Jessica and Tally at Jessica's office, yet in the bushes now. So much happening here! But well organized and all is handled by Jessica as she goes. Much from the first two books lead to here.
James and Marcy missing
The Demon court date
The vampire "party"
Rourke!! *sigh*
Every Sect after Jessica
her powers and what she is
the Southern pack and her Dad.

All collide right here!

Jessica's been having it rough. Supes are out to get her, attacking her at about ever turn. And it's taking all she has to not run off to find and save Rourke, but she knows she has to be prepared and get information first. There are rumors flying of Jessica and what she is and what she'll do. Each has more information about the prophecy. And maybe Jessica is what it says...maybe not?

The supernatural world is all shaken up. Sects are teaming up with each other, the one thing the DO NOT do, all because of Jessica. Jessica's group is together because of her. Others are teaming up, to stop her. The supernatural world is changing. Including wolves as someone is messing with them.

We have all our favorite characters once again. We see them all! Rourke is just plain amazing. Wow. Do he and Jessica finally get their moment? Well, you'll have to read to see. *giggle* We still have Tyler and Danny at Jessica's side helping her, along with her mate Rourke. We have Naomi and Ray as well. Oh, what we see of Ray. There is something different about him, Naomi can't control him. But just wait until you see what happens to/with him. Yep. You have to read for Ray. So, we've been waiting to learn more of Rourke. What he is, and oh so much more. Yep. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ONE! Everything we wanted, and much more, from Rourke.

You HAVE to read this series in order. You don't have to read the Novella, but why not? It's one of the BEST novella's I've ever read, and I read lots. The ending is a touch of a hanger. The story line of this book ends, but there is new adventures started at the end of this one. Amanda knows how to hook her readers and make them salivate for the next.

This series is high octane. If you love action packed, fast paced, heart thumping Urban Fantasy reads, this one NEEDS to be the TOP of your list. ASAP! There is even a touch of romance as a bonus. I don't know if I've mentioned it enough in this review (sarcasm) but you need this one. ;)