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Worldweavers: Cybermage

Worldweavers: Cybermage - Alma Alexander We pick up with Thea and her magicless friends in another school year at the Wandless Academy. But everyone is starting to grow up and changing - new friends and boyfriends. Thea still feels guilty for what was done to Diego in the last book and having troubles dealing with it. Humphrey May, from the FBM, shows up at the school to see if Thea could help him again, with the Elemental Cube that was found in the bag the Trickster had. Thea brings her friends together again and could unlock new possibilities for her and her friends.

I loved this book. Thea shines at her best here and things about her abilities with the computer and the weaving in Cheveyo's world start to click into place. I had not realized until this book but Theo has grown tremendously and became a strong character. She has to make a few tough decisions in this book, but the caring person she is, she makes it through. This book shows the growth the characters are making, and their leap into adulthood.

In the starts of this book, as it's the third, we already know of all magical allergies our crew of kids have and Alma does a wonderful job of giving us a brief fresher of who's allergic to what with brief happenings from last year with the spellspam. This is gently done to bring us right back into her wonderful magic filled world and jumping right into Humphrey May showing up at the school to talk with Thea.

The mystery of the cube and the wondrous magic that is used in this book kept me turning the pages. I love the elemental magic usage here, as it's nicely laid out to understand easily. And yet it can be built on. The American Indian relation in the symbols. These are played out in different degrees, and they are big parts in the storyline.

This book is wonderful for Young Adult readers. Even though the characters are growing up and Thea is seeing they have boyfriends, it is not filled with the gory violence or sexual content. It is a wonderful read of an intriguing storyline and interestingly fun characters.

This is the last book in the series. But there seems to be small openings for Alma if she were to return to this world. And I would love to read additional books if Alma does make them.