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The Crucible of Dawn (Lodestone, #3)

The Crucible of Dawn (Lodestone, #3) - Mark Whiteway,  Don Noble We start with two men, brothers, who are lodestone hunters, sorry, prospectors now according to the Directorate's change. There is a storm coming in and they race to a large spot they believe to be lodestone, only to find a body ~ a hu-man body, McCann. Our crew is back, after the trials, which now has put relationships in a new light and brought back old worries and feelings in which each needs to work through. They are on their way to the island the humans were banished to so many years ago, to disable the hu-man weapon with the components they received. But, will the hu-mans do as they are thought too? Or will more tribulations come about and they will have to figure out how to handle it. Could one of their own turn on them, or is something else going on?

I feel like there is a science and physics at work here with the lodestone. It is neat to think on the lodestone uses and abilities.

I liked the first two books of this series. Meeting the characters and getting to know them, through their trials and tribulations. And they are all present here. However, this book I was a little slow at reading. I blame my mood at the time, I don't think it was what I was needing. As there was action here, and the characters came across strange new things in this amazing world, I was a little bored. I'm sorry. And one of the characters kind of irritated me. I know, she is created that way, and it's not the only excuse for my feelings of the book. She is just as she should be, and for where she came from.

If you like reading alien worlds where humans invade and they fight back, this very well could be a good read for you. Or even for a young reader who hasn't read a lot of human invasions yet.

This book is very good for young readers as well, as it's geared toward the young readers for no bad language our sexual content. Their is friendships, strong and changing for them to read of.