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Mountain Challenge

Mountain Challenge - John Mierau Aleyku is an old wolf, now packless and defenseless, journeys his last travels across the land he once ran with his brothers and sisters to come to lay in the cooling snow of the mountain top. The local animals have all run, panicked from their land leaving it empty and silent, however he can't scent the predator that drives them away. As he rises through the passes to the top and the moon calling to him, his path is intercepted and a challenge is extended to an old cunning wolf, by a dragon.

To me this little novella has the feel of a legend tale. Even a moral slipped in here as well....the cunning knowledge of age verses the power of youth and strength.

This is one of the rare few stories I've read from a wolf's pov. We get glimpses of Aleyku's life and story as we go. We see his pain, physical and more, as he encounters the dragon. Since we are in Aleyku's head, we hear the dragon as he speaks in Aleyku's mind. Aleyku finds there might be more for him here, or maybe not.

However, being a short tale and from the mind of a wolf and dragon, there were a sentence here and there I found difficult. I had to read these a few times as there was more than one detail or connection in it and I was a tad confused by it. In the end, I enjoyed this little tale as it felt like a legend in the making of a wolf and dragon.

I have to say I was curious which way this story would go, wolf or dragon. Who would win out, if anyone. I can't tell you which way the story goes.