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Book Review: House of Grey vol. 4

The House of Grey- Volume 4 - Collin Earl

Monson is left with the letter Mr. Baroty gave him. Opening it he finds a place and time to meet Baroty... Casey and Artorius are not sure about the secret meeting with this man. Monson wants to meet, even if it's alone, to learn more of his forgotten past. Monson learns that there are those here at the school that can give him a view into his past; of his grandfather and what happened at the bridge that day he lost his memories. He finds an unexpected new friend who is able to give a hint to his past, and more that's inside him. What he thought were simple dream seem to be much more and surface here.

We get to see Cassius in full attack action! Sooo coool! (He's one of my favorite characters.) And the best, yet maybe strange, part is it brings something out in Monson. Monson isn't sure why this happens, and Casey doesn't seem to believe Monson can 'see' his special move. It's not something to see or feel, but to affect.

This book dives more into the magical essences. We also learn of some deals that Monson's Grandfather had done. The biggest part, we get more into Monson and what sleeps deep in him, which is now starting to awake and surface. We dig deeper into Monson's head with him and learn a few things, but we, like Monson, don't get all the explanations as he's not ready for what it is, that it could still be dangerous for Monson. I get the feeling that it may not all be a danger to him from knowing, but from others who suspect he knows. That someone wants his knowledge and power.

The Spring Solstice is the big dance where the elite attendance and attention. Monson is one of the boys nominated for Augustine. And as a freshman, Monson draws more attention to himself. Who he asks to go to the dance with him makes a bigger splash than he expected.

The closing in of the Spring Solstice dance introduces the boys to girl troubles. The complications in Monson's life and learning about who he is creates obstacles that Monson has to hurdle, and not let the girls know or down with their hopes and plans. Monson, Casey, and Arturious start to interact with the girls on a different level here, and try to figure them out.

Oh the magic that's present and what we learn... Wow. This book is the one that the magic really starts to pop and be ever present and acknowledged as so. We learn some information about the bridge on 'that day'. Monson sounds even more special than I even originally thought.

Even with all the magic we learn, this section felt a bit slower than the previous segments. Though it's not stopping me from moving on! I love the idea of the magics here and the characters.

I still strongly think kids would enjoy this boys and the special characteristics they possess. They are so fun together with their banter and ideas. They are good kids, but kids.